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Last updated: 13th October 2019

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PositionTimeDateChallengersVariant used
25203:00:1613/11/2010Kevin BrownNormal
253=03:00:2523/07/2011Alistair Brown and Matt NunnNormal
253=03:00:2523/07/2011Andi JamesNormal
253=03:00:2523/07/2011Glen Bryant and Myles Swaine-GreyNormal
25603:00:2902/06/2018Alex & Simon KnellerNormal
257=03:00:3624/02/2018Martin HazelNormal
257=03:00:3624/02/2018James RossNormal
25903:00:5423/07/2011Peter SmythNormal
26003:01:1118/11/2017Nick GardnerNormal
26103:01:2420/09/2008Martin HazelNormal
26203:01:5812/01/2019Simon KnellerLU, LO and NR, Zones 1-2
26303:02:2820/09/2014Andrew BakerBanned stations
26403:02:4216/03/2019Peter SmythNormal
26503:02:5505/06/2010Martin HazelNormal
26603:03:0518/11/2017Alex & Simon KnellerNormal
26703:03:3124/02/2018Peter SmythNormal
26803:03:5812/01/2019Alex Kneller and Kat HopperLU, LO and NR, Zones 1-2
269=03:04:0319/07/2008John StarkNormal
269=03:04:0319/07/2008Peter SmythNormal
269=03:04:0319/07/2008Martin HazelNormal
27203:04:4806/12/2008Peter SmythNormal
27303:04:5618/11/2017Rob LomasNormal
27403:04:5917/09/2016Kevin Brown and Andrew BakerABC easy as 123
275=03:05:1124/10/2007Martin HazelNormal
275=03:05:1124/10/2007Ric BrackenburyNormal
275=03:05:1121/03/2009Matt Nunn and Steven KarahanNormal
27803:05:2831/05/2014Kevin Brown and Damian CookNormal
27903:05:4119/07/2008Justin Erwin and Richard DonaldsonNormal
280=03:05:4617/09/2016Andrew Chilcraft and James RossABC easy as 123
280=03:05:4617/09/2016Hugo Marrow and Josh Nichols-AgerosABC easy as 123
28203:05:5514/01/2017Andrew Baker and Phil ParkerLU, LO and NR Zones 1-2
283=03:06:2206/04/2013Peter SmythNormal (2 lists 10/5)
283=03:06:2206/04/2013Glen BryantNormal (2 lists 10/5)
28503:06:2709/11/2013Andrew Baker and Ashley MooreNormal
28603:06:5223/07/2016Glen BryantNormal
28703:06:5409/02/2013Kevin BrownNormal
28803:06:5728/11/2009Peter SmythNormal
28903:07:3620/09/2008Jamie, Phil & Antony BrownNormal
29003:08:1512/01/2019Nick GardnerLo, LU and NR, Zones 1-2
291=03:08:2023/03/2017Andrew ChilcraftNormal
291=03:08:2023/03/2017Clive BurgessNormal
29303:08:3015/11/2014Andrew BakerNormal
294=03:08:4123/07/2016Martin HazelNormal
294=03:08:4123/07/2016Andrew ChilcraftNormal
29603:09:0019/07/2008Matt Nunn, Antony & Phil BrownNormal
29703:09:1613/11/2010Joe Grocott-JamesNormal
29803:09:2109/02/2013Martin HazelNormal
29903:09:3724/10/2007Kevin, Ryan & Phil BrownNormal
30003:09:4118/04/2015Hugo MarrowNormal (2 lists 8/7)
30103:09:4309/02/2013Peter SmythNormal
30203:09:5606/12/2008Matt Nunn and Steven KarahanNormal
30303:10:2516/03/2019Clive BurgessNormal
304=03:10:3930/05/2015Richard Graham and Myles Swaine-GrayNormal
304=03:10:3921/03/2009Antony & Jamie BrownNormal
30603:10:4628/11/2009John Stark, Antony & Kevin BrownNormal
307=03:10:5223/07/2011Antony Brown, Samantha Cawley and James LaughlinNormal
307=03:10:5201/06/2013Richie GrahamNormal
30903:10:5324/02/2018Andrew Baker and Mark BartonNormal
31003:11:3017/05/2007David Scard, Gervase Markham and Matthew ScrivinNormal
31103:11:4324/02/2018Hugo Clague and Felix AndrewNormal
312=03:12:0218/02/2012Peter SmythNormal (2 lists 8/7)
312=03:12:0222/07/2012Glen BryantNormal (Stratford start)
314=03:12:2009/02/2013Andrew ChilcraftNormal
314=03:12:2023/07/2016Clive BurgessNormal
31603:12:2906/12/2008Kevin Brown and Matthew ScrivinNormal
31703:12:4706/12/2008Antony & Jamie BrownNormal
31803:12:5029/05/2008James LaughlinNormal
31903:12:5922/07/2012Matthew Scrivin, Samantha Cawley and Mike StoneNormal (Stratford start)
32003:13:0514/04/2012Damian CookNormal
321=03:13:0704/06/2016Kevin Brown and Damian CookLU and LO, Zones 1-2
321=03:13:0704/06/2016Sam Smith and Alex KnellerLU and LO, Zones 1-2
321=03:13:0704/06/2016Richard StandingLU and LO, Zones 1-2
32403:13:1005/09/2015Hugo MarrowSouth of the Thames, Z1-4
32503:13:1109/01/2016Martin HazelLU and DLR, Zones 1-2
32603:13:3324/02/2018Kevin BrownNormal
327=03:13:3918/02/2012Andi JamesNormal (2 lists 8/7)
327=03:13:3918/02/2012Glen BryantNormal (2 lists 8/7)
327=03:13:3918/02/2012Martin HazelNormal (2 lists 8/7)
33003:13:4405/09/2015Andrew Chilcraft, Steve McSherry and Leam FarrarSouth of the Thames, Z1-4
33103:13:5217/09/2016Nick GardnerABC easy as 123
33203:13:5717/09/2016Martin HazelABC easy as 123
33303:14:2719/07/2008Kevin & Ryan BrownNormal
33403:15:0523/03/2017Richard GrahamNormal
33503:15:2201/06/2013Andrew ChilcraftNormal
33603:16:0628/11/2009Martin HazelNormal
33703:16:0729/05/2008Peter Smyth, Antony & Phil BrownNormal
33803:16:2716/03/2019David EdwardsNormal
33903:17:0014/01/2017Clive BurgessLU, LO and NR, Zones 1-2
34003:17:0114/04/2012Kevin Brown and Tom WoodNormal
341=03:17:1411/07/2009Alistair Brown and Antony BrownLU and DLR, Zones 1-2
341=03:17:1411/07/2009Tom Wood and Phil YoungLU and DLR, Zones 1-2
341=03:17:1411/07/2009Steven KarahanLU and DLR, Zones 1-2
34403:17:4020/09/2008Peter SmythNormal
34503:18:1420/09/2014Peter SmythBanned stations
34603:19:1522/04/2017Hugo MarrowLU only, Zones 1-3
34703:19:2717/01/2015Andrew ChilcraftLU, LO and NR, Zones 1-2
34803:19:3009/11/2013Martin HazelNormal
34903:19:3317/05/2007Peter SmythNormal
35003:19:3523/07/2016Richard Standing, Chris & David RockNormal
35103:19:4906/04/2013Kevin Brown and Damian CookNormal (2 lists 10/5)
352=03:19:5314/04/2012Martin HazelNormal
352=03:19:5323/03/2017Kevin Brown, Damian & Matthew CookNormal
352=03:19:5323/03/2017Peter SmythNormal
35503:20:5504/06/2016Hugo Marrow and Sam InmanLU and LO, Zones 1-2
35603:21:0014/01/2017James RossLU, LO and NR, Zones 1-2
35703:21:1514/01/2017Alex Kneller and CatLU, LO and NR, Zones 1-2
35803:21:2621/03/2009Hassan ChaganiNormal
35903:21:2723/07/2011Kevin BrownNormal
36003:21:5004/06/2016Andrew ChilcraftLU and LO, Zones 1-2
36103:21:5822/09/2018Richard StandingNormal
36203:22:0029/05/2008Alistair Brown and Ollie LewisohnNormal
36303:22:1223/03/2017Richard StandingNormal
36403:22:4921/03/2009Martin HazelNormal
36503:22:5228/11/2009Andi James and Sara WearnNormal
36603:23:1622/07/2012Rhys BenjaminNormal (Stratford start)
36703:23:1718/02/2012Kevin BrownNormal (2 lists 8/7)
36803:23:1901/06/2019Rob LomasNormal
36903:23:4511/07/2009Matthew Scrivin, Kevin & Ryan BrownLU and DLR, Zones 1-2
37003:23:5717/09/2016Sam InmanABC easy as 123
37103:24:1922/04/2017David EdwardsLU only, Zones 1-3
37203:24:2123/03/2017James RossNormal
373=03:24:3006/04/2013Andrew ChilcraftNormal (2 lists 10/5)
373=03:24:3006/04/2013Rhys JacksonNormal (2 lists 10/5)
37503:24:3722/04/2017Peter SmythLU only, Zones 1-3
37603:24:5120/09/2008Kevin & Ryan BrownNormal
377=03:24:5617/01/2015Glen BryantLU, LO and NR, Zones 1-2
377=03:24:5617/01/2015Hugo MarrowLU, LO and NR, Zones 1-2
379=03:24:5823/03/2017Martin Hazel and Neil AnsellNormal
379=03:24:5823/03/2017Andrew BurrowsNormal
38103:25:1009/01/2016Sam Smith and James RossLU and DLR, Zones 1-2
38203:26:3714/01/2017David EdwardsLU, Lo and NR, Zones 1-2
38303:26:5606/12/2008Andi James and Alistair BrownNormal
38403:27:1322/04/2017Andrew ChilcraftLU only, Zones 1-3
38503:27:1520/09/2008John & Zoe MitchellNormal
38603:28:1509/02/2013Rhys Jackson and Rhys BenjaminNormal
38703:28:2511/07/2009Hassan Chagani and Richie GrahamLU and DLR, Zones 1-2
38803:28:4224/02/2018Richard GrahamNormal
389=03:28:5712/03/2011Martin HazelNormal
389=03:28:5724/02/2018Michael ChurchillNormal
39103:29:0613/11/2010Martin HazelNormal
39203:29:3706/12/2008Martin HazelNormal
39303:30:2723/03/2017Andrew BakerNormal
39403:31:0121/09/2019David Edwards and Alistair BrownLU, LO, DLR and NR, Zones 1-2
39503:31:0221/09/2013Peter SmythLU, LO and DLR, Zones 1-3
396=03:31:0616/03/2019Michael ChurchillNormal
396=03:31:0616/03/2019Andrew Baker and David JayNormal
39803:31:1204/06/2016Martin HazelLU and LO, Zones 1-2
39903:31:4520/09/2008Jack Bynoe, Matt Nunn and Matthew ScrivinNormal
40003:31:5230/05/2009Peter SmythNormal
40103:31:5330/05/2009Matthew Scrivin, Kevin & Ryan BrownNormal
40203:32:1004/06/2011Martin HazelNormal
402=03:32:1004/06/2011Peter SmythNormal
40403:32:3512/01/2019Richard StandingLO, LU and NR, Zones 1-2
40503:33:0318/04/2015Andi JamesNormal (2 lists 8/7)
406=03:34:3214/01/2017Kevin BrownLU, LO and NR, Zones1-2
406=03:34:3218/04/2015Sam Inman and Andrew ChilcraftNormal (2 lists 8/7)
40803:34:3721/03/2009Kevin Brown and Alistair BrownNormal
40903:34:5718/04/2015Peter SmythNormal (2 lists 8/7)
41003:35:2404/06/2011Kevin BrownNormal
41103:36:1024/02/2018Richard StandingNormal
41203:36:2214/04/2012Alistair Brown and Iain MacNaughtonNormal
41303:36:4116/03/2019Kevin Brown and Das StevensNormal
41403:36:4621/09/2013Kevin Brown and Damian CookLU, LO and DLR, Zones 1-3
41503:37:3604/06/2016Peter SmythLU aand LO, Zones 1-2
41603:37:3717/05/2007Kevin, Antony & Jamie BrownNormal
41703:37:5317/01/2015Andrew Baker and Richard MartinLU, LO and NR, Zones 1-2
41803:38:0306/04/2013Andi JamesNormal (2 lists 10/5)
41903:38:1520/09/2014Sam Inman, Tom Lock and Alex Stares-TateBanned Stations
42003:39:3518/04/2015Nick GardnerNormal (2 lists 8/7)
42103:39:5309/06/2012Kevin Brown and Damian CookLU, LO and DLR, Zones 1-2
42203:39:5723/07/2011Martin Hazel and Jay HouldenNormal
42303:40:1117/01/2015Andi JamesLU, LO and NR, Zones 1-2
424=03:40:4817/05/2007Ric BrackenburyNormal
424=03:40:4805/09/2015Martin HazelSouth of the Thames, Z1-4
42603:41:3514/01/2017Martin Hazel and Neil AnsellLU, LO and NR, Zones 1-2
427=03:42:0521/09/2013Martin HazelLU, LO and DLR, Zones 1-3
427=03:42:0521/09/2013Nick GardnerLU, LO and DLR, Zones 1-3
42903:42:1204/06/2016Andi James and Das StevensLU and LO, Zones 1-2
43003:42:3512/01/2019Das Stevens and Lee MaxterLO, LU and NR, Zones 1-2
43103:42:4506/04/2013Martin HazelNormal (2 lists 10/5)
43203:42:4722/04/2017Kevin Brown and Andrew BakerLU only, Zones 1-3
433=03:42:5918/04/2015Kevin BrownNormal (2 lists 8/7)
433=03:42:5919/07/2008Andrew Baker and Lewis KeenNormal
43503:43:1205/09/2015Josh & Harry AgerosSouth of the Thames, Z1-4
43603:43:3804/06/2011James LaughlinNormal
43703:43:5704/09/2010Matthew Scrivin, Samantha Cawley and Alistair BrownLU and LO, Zones 1-2
43803:44:1805/09/2015Andrew Baker and Richard MartinSouth of the Thames, Z1-4
43903:44:2914/01/2017Richard GrahamLU, LO and NR, Zones 1-2
44003:44:3215/12/2012Peter SmythLU, LO and All Lines
44103:47:0305/06/2010Antony BrownNormal
44203:47:0409/01/2016Richard StandingLU and DLR, Zones 1-2
44303:47:5517/05/2007John and AnthonyNormal
44403:48:0709/06/2012Peter SmythLU, LO and DLR, Zones 1-2
44503:48:1230/05/2009John MitchellNormal
44603:48:1405/09/2015Peter SmythSouth of the Thames, Z1-4
44703:49:3717/01/2015Adham FisherLU, LO and NR, Zones 1-2
44803:49:5921/03/2009Richie GrahamNormal
44903:50:2317/01/2015Kevin Brown, Damian & Matthew CookLU, LO and NR, Zones 1-2
45003:50:3123/03/2017Alex Kneller and MingkeNormal
45103:52:0906/12/2008Jack Bynoe and Richie GrahamNormal
45203:52:2117/09/2016Michael ChurchillABC easy as 123
453=03:52:2517/01/2015Martin HazelLU, LO and NR, Zones 1-2
453=03:52:2517/01/2015Peter SmythLU, LO and NR, Zones 1-2
45503:52:5509/11/2013Hugo MarrowNormal
45603:53:0009/01/2016Damian Cook, Andrew Baker and Josh AgerosLU and DLR, Zones 1-2
45703:53:1612/02/2011Peter SmythLU and DLR, Zones 1-2
45803:53:5004/09/2010Kevin BrownLU and LO, Zones 1-2
45903:54:1717/01/2015Rhys BenjaminLU, LO and NR, Zones 1-2
46003:54:2829/05/2008Kevin Brown, Matt Nunn and Steven KarahanNormal
46103:54:3509/06/2012Myles Swaine-GreyLU, LO and DLR, Zones 1-2
46203:55:0618/04/2015Leam FarrarNormal (2 lists 8/7)
46303:55:3630/05/2009Alistair Brown, Antony & Phil BrownNormal
46403:55:3814/04/2012Rhys BenjaminNormal
465=03:55:4618/02/2012Myles Swaine-GreyNormal (2 lists 8/7)
465=03:55:4618/02/2012Rhys BenjaminNormal (2 lists 8/7)
46703:56:0414/01/2017Nick GardnerLU, LO and NR, Zones 1-2
46803:56:1020/01/2018Clive BurgessLU, LO and NR, Zones 1-2
46903:56:1127/04/2019David EdwardsMarathon 25
47003:56:5623/03/2017Nick GardnerNormal
47103:57:3218/04/2015Andrew BakerNormal (2 lists 8/7)
47203:57:3917/01/2015Sam Inman and Aaron DaddLU, LO and NR, Zones 1-2
47303:57:4509/06/2012Martin HazelLU, LO and DLR, Zones 1-2
47403:57:5212/03/2011Andi James and James LaughlinNormal
47503:58:4212/02/2011Andi James, Sara Wearn and James LaughlinLU and DLR, Zones 1-2
47604:00:0921/09/2013Andrew ChilcraftLU, LO and DLR, Zones 1-3
47704:00:3220/01/2018Andrew ChilcraftLU, LO and NR, Zones 1-2
47804:00:3412/02/2011Alistair BrownLU and DLR, Zones 1-2
47904:00:4019/07/2008Andi JamesNormal
48004:01:5709/01/2016Nick GardnerLU and DLR, Zones 1-2
481=04:02:1021/09/2019Martin HazelLU, LO, DLR and NR, Zones 1-2
481=04:02:1021/09/2019Hugo MarrowLU, LO, DLR and NR, Zones 1-2
481=04:02:1021/09/2019Clive BurgessLU, LO, DLR and NR, Zones 1-2
48404:02:1920/09/2008Alistair BrownNormal
48504:02:3220/01/2018David EdwardsLU, LO and NR, Zones 1-2
48604:03:5121/09/2013Glen BryantLU, LO and DLR, Zones 1-3
48704:04:5128/11/2009Richie GrahamNormal
48804:05:2118/04/2015Martin HazelNormal (2 lists 8/7)
48904:05:3205/09/2015Kevin Brown and Glen BryantSouth of the Thames, Z1-4
49004:05:3704/09/2010Peter SmythLU and LO, Zones 1-2
49104:06:2430/05/2009Steven Karahan and Adham FisherNormal
49204:06:3904:06:2016Glen Bryant and Eleanor SpanjarLU and LO, Zones 1-2
493=04:06:4214/01/2017Richard StandingLU, LO and NR, Zones 1-2
493=04:06:4214/01/2017Andrew ChilcraftLU, LO and NR, Zones 1-2
49504:06:5119/07/2008John MitchellNormal
49604:07:2604/01/2014Hugo MarrowLU, LO and NR, Zones 1-2
49704:08:0515/12/2012Kevin BrownLU, LO and All Lines
49804:08:1512/01/2019Rob LomasLU, LO and NR, Zones 1-2
49904:08:3017/09/2011Andi JamesLU only, Zones 2-3 (start Z1)
50004:08:5804/09/2010Martin HazelLU and LO, Zones 1-2

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