Top Times: Zone 1 & 2 Challenge

Last updated: 09th December 2017

Top Times: Current configuration as from 02/01/2016

PositionTime completedDateChallengers
0107:13:4511/11/2017David Edwards
0208:02:3521/10/2017Michael Churchill
0308:46:5627/02/2016Richard Standing

Top Times: Previous configuration

PositionTime completedDateChallengers
0106:51:2113/12/2015Hugo Marrow
0206:51:5308/11/2008Peter Smyth
0307:18:5308/11/2008Matthew Scrivin and Steven Karahan
0407:56:2908/11/2008Kevin Brown
0508:06:4508/11/2008Antony Brown
0608:09:4008/11/2008Alistair Brown
0708:35:1508/11/2008Martin Hazel

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