Top Times: Zone 1

Last updated: 12th June 2022.
Record reset for the Battersea Power Station branch.

This table only shows times for the new 67 station Battersea Power station branch configuration. For the previous 64 station leaderboard (pre Battersea Power Station extension) please see this page.

Top Times: Zone 1 Challenge.

PositionTime completedDateChallengers
0103:03:5010/06/2022James Ramsbottom
0203:06:3914/11/2021Alistair Stevens-Brown
0303:06:5606/12/2021James Ramsbottom
0403:10:1210/06/2022Martin Hazel
0503:12:4710/06/2022Andrew Chilcraft
0603:16:5014/01/2022David Collison
0703:17:2610/06/2022Kevin Brown
0803:26:1510/06/2022Lewis Nagle
0903:26:5610/06/2022Richard Standing
1003:34:5602/06/2022Nick Savill
1103:35:0010/06/2022Clive Burgess
1203:41:2110/06/2022Jenny Sherman

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