Zone 1 Challenge Cup: Schedule of Events

Last updated: 07th April 2023

Meeting Points

Pre Challenge meet up point: Liverpool Street mainline station forecourt (outside McDonalds). From the main concourse take the stairs/escalator opposite the entrance to platforms 2/3. Please be here by 12:00 noon.
Post Challenge meet up point: The Lord Palmerston pub, 252-254 Forest Road, Walthamstow, E17 5JN (5-10 minutes from Blackhorse Road).


Even though this is an open invitation event, it would greatly assist us if you are attending (even if at this stage you are a maybe) to contact me via email or social media to confirm your attendance so we know roughly how many people we are expecting.

Timetable of the day

Pre 12:00: All challengers to start gathering at the meet up point at Liverpool Street. Here you can decide who to form a team with (or go solo). Each team will be given an "entry card" and a copy of the Z1 challenge diagram, which you fill out during your challenge.

12:15: Draw of the start station. Once this is announced make your own way to this starting station, planning your route as you go.

12:55: All challengers to meet up outside the starting station (street side of the ticket barriers), details will be given where exactly to meet once the start station is announced.

13:00: You can start the challenge on the first train in your chosen direction AFTER 13:00:00 (use the next train board clock for this if there is one). You have four hours to complete.

Once you have completed the challenge please make your way to the post challenge meet up location by 17:45. Please hand your completed entry card and Z1 diagram (showing route taken) to me (Tangy). If I am not there (as I will be participating too) please keep your entry card safe and secure until I arrive.

Once the majority of challengers are present, a pub style quiz will begin (again you can team up with other challengers or go solo). Several small teams please as there maybe a "Pointless" style round and/or "spot prize" rounds of which will work best with the more teams there are.

18:00 (or when all teams have declared their result): Zone 1 results read out and prizes/certificates given to the podium positions (plus best team name).

18:15 (or immediately after the results announcement): Quiz answers (with prizes). Once quiz is finished (should be by 19:00), the formal event is over. However many challengers stay the rest of the evening for sociailising/play darts (for those that wish to play, no darting experience needed).


If you have any questions or comments these can be directed to us via email or follow us Facebook for any updates.

Tangy (Organiser).