Top Times: South London Challenge

Last updated: 12th November 2023.
Record reset to include Nine Elms and Battersea Power Station.

Top Times: South of the Thames (Current configuration including Battersea)

0102:04:3421/09/2021Tim Gray
0202:07:4927/08/2023Jenny Sherman
0302:18:0329/10/2021David Collison
0402:26:1730/05/2022Peter Harris
0502:40:3420/10/2021Nicholas Tadman
0602:42:4007/04/2023Liam & Daniel Chainey

Top Times: South of the Thames (excluding ELL)

0101:45:4023/11/2019Chris Lewis and Adam Cady
0101:45:5309/07/2016David Edwards
0201:50:0014/12/2013Hugo Marrow
0301:51:0730/09/2016David Collison
0401:51:5726/09/2015Josh Ageros
0501:59:2123/12/2019Jon & Ben Mansell
0502:00:0629/05/2008Ollie Lewisohn, James Laughlin and Andrew Baker
0602:02:5014/05/2016Michael Churchill
0702:05:5805/02/2020Tim Gray
0802:18:3301/12/2018Eddie Connolly and Sally Randall

Top Times: South of the Thames (including ELL)

0102:22:3317/07/2006John Stark
0202:27:1622/12/2007Antony, Jamie & Philip Brown
0302:27:2327/05/2007Antony, Jamie & Philip Brown
0402:29:5422/12/2007Philip Brown
0502:35:5322/12/2007Matt Nunn, Antony & Jamie Brown
0602:39:0517/07/2006Ollie Lewisohn
06=02:39:0522/12/2007Kevin & Ryan Brown
06=02:39:0522/12/2007Andi James and Andrew Baker
0902:40:0329/07/2007Kevin, Jamie & Philip Brown
1002:40:2722/12/2007Kevin & Ryan Brown
1102:50:1922/12/2007Jack Bynoe
1203:02:0917/07/2006Martin Hazel

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