Top Times: Roads, Streets and Lanes Challenge

Last updated: 27th December 2020

Top Times: Current configuration (including Wood Lane)

PositionTime completedDateChallengers
0103:46:1628/08/2020Jenny Sherman
0203:47:5024/06/2014Hugo Marrow
0303:54:5102/01/2009Steven Karahan
0403:56:0219/09/2012Kevin Brown
0503:57:3602/01/2009Peter Smyth
0603:59:4602/01/2009Kevin Brown and Jack Bynoe
0703:58:3214/08/2020Jenny Sherman
0804:03:0502/01/2009Alistair Brown
0904:14:0007/10/2016David Edwards
1004:14:1402/03/2016Nick Gardner
1104:18:0919/09/2012Peter Smyth
1204:24:5519/09/2012Andrew Chilcraft
1304:35:3419/09/2012Glen Bryant

Top Times: Previous configuration (excluding Wood Lane)

PositionTime completedDateChallengers
0104:16:5323/10/2007Matthew Scrivin
0204:29:5423/10/2007Kevin, Jamie and Phil Brown
0305:04:5823/10/2007Phil Booth

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