Top Times: London Overground Challenge

Last updated: 13th July 2019

Top Times: Current configuration (112 stations)

PositionTime completedDateChallengers
0109:07:3519/01/2018Clive Burgess and David Edwards
0209:30:0901/06/2018William Fall
0310:05:0516/11/2017Clive Burgess
0410:15:3426/05/2016Lewis Nagle and Aubrey Morandarte
0510:24:2901/06/2015Glen Bryant
0610:28:2505/04/2016Lewis Nagle, Aubrey Morandarte and Tom Cooling
0711:04:5617/07/2015Lewis Nagle and Aubrey Morandarte

Top Times: SLL added, including Battersea Park (84 stations)

PositionTime completedDateChallengers
0106:38:5126/05/2015Hugo Marrow
0206:40:2027/05/2014Lewis Nagle and Aubrey Morandarte
0306:51:1409/04/2014Aubrey Morandarte
0407:30:5721/12/2012Andrew Chilcraft

Top Times: SLL added, excluding Battersea Park (83 stations)

PositionTime completedDateChallengers
0106:01:4003/04/2013Sean & Nigel White
0206:02:3120/12/2012Sean & Nigel White
0306:06:3410/12/2012Glen Bryant

Top Times: Pre SLL extension (78 stations)

PositionTime completedDateChallengers
0105:15:5631/05/2011Sean & Nigel White
0205:54:2103/09/2010Sean & Nigel White

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