Rules of the All the Actons Challenge

Last updated: 14th June 2022

Stations to be visited:

Acton Central, Acton Main Line, Acton Town, East Acton, North Acton, South Acton, West Acton.

General rules:

  1. The aim is to visit all 7 stations that form the All the Actons Challenge in the fastest time.
  2. To "visit" a station means to arrive at or depart from (or both) all 7 stations that form the All the Acton Challenge on the relevant lines that they are on. You are NOT required to get off at every station but you can of course alight at any station to change lines or transfer to a nearby station. Only if a station is temporarily closed (to ALL lines at that station) for any reason e.g. security alert, staffing issues, rebuilding etc. will a "pass through" of the station be accepted.
  3. In the event that a station has some platforms that are open for traffic and other platforms that are closed (with trains non-stopping) then only a visit on the platform/s that are OPEN at that station will count. A pass through on the "closed" platforms will NOT be counted as a visit.
  4. Transfers between stations must only be undertaken on foot or by scheduled, timetabled public transport e.g. bus or other NR trains. The use of private transport such as cars, bicycles, taxis or roller skates are not permitted.
  5. Challengers may compete in the All the Actons Challenge as an individual (solo) or in small teams up to 5 people.
  6. Your time starts when the doors are locked closed ready for departure on the first train you board at the start station and the challenge ends when the first member of your team physically sets foot on the platform at your finishing station. The stopwatch must be continuously counting between your start and finish stations. Timings must be noted down in hours, minutes and seconds.
  7. If you finish by running/transferring to or departing from your last required station, or if your last required station is a "pass through" closed station, you must keep the stopwatch going until you arrive at the NEXT station in any direction.
  8. In order to verify your attempt (and for your time to appear on the leaderboard) it is requested that challengers keep a journey log of their challenge showing your start and finish stations, route and interchange points with arrival and/or departure times for each as appropriate. The logging of arrival and departure time at every intermediate station is not required (but can do so if you wish).
  9. This is not an official record as such, but is fully recognised by the Tube Challenge community.

General Advice:

  1. Although this is a race against time and I know you want to do your best but please be vigilant when doing inter-station runs along corridors and escalators, other members of the public may not be as easy on their feet or know the transport network as well as we do!
  2. Please do not hold the train doors open for an excessive amount of time, if your team mates are too far behind, let the train go and wait for them to catch up.
  3. By entering yourself into the All the Actons Challenge you abide by these rules..
  4. For any questions, clarifications or to submit a time for the leaderboard, please contact the webmaster via email.
    Tangy (Webmaster).