Dealership Page

Last updated: 19th August 2012

Welcome to the London Bus Tender Game dealership. The dealership will allow you to choose which buses you would like to run upon the routes you wish to operate. Each bus type has varying extra options which you may wish to add to the base specification, so please look at the list of extras before deciding which features you wish to install upon your buses.

The dealership pages are grouped by bodybuilder, with double deckers on top and single deckers on the bottom of each section. If a bus type has a hybrid version you will find this within the same page as the diesel variant. The brand new buses which we can order for you are shown below, please scroll through. If however you are looking for second hand older buses, you need this page.

Alexander Dennis
Enviro 400Enviro 500
A-D Enviro 400 © Mark Leonard.A-D Enviro 500
Enviro 200Enviro 300PrimoCentro
A-D Enviro 200 © David McKayA-D Enviro 300 © David McKayPlaxton PrimoPlaxton Centro © Luke Vjsaka

Gemini 2
Wright Gemini 2
StreetliteEclipse UrbanElectrocityEclipse Hydrogen
Wright Streetlite © David McKayWright Eclipse UrbanWright Electrocity (hybrid)Wright Eclipse Hydrogen

Optare Olympus © Jay HouldenOptare OmniDekka © Jay Houlden
SoloSolo SRTempoVersaEsteem
Optare Solo © Jay HouldenOptare Solo SR © Jay HouldenOptare TempoOptare Versa © Jay HouldenOptare Esteem

ScaniaMercedes BenzMCV
Omnicity DDCitaroCitaro HydrogenDD103
Scania OmniCity DDMerc. Citaro © David McKayMerc. Citaro Hydrogen © David McKayMCV DD103 © Jay Houlden
Omnicity SDEvolution
Scania OmniCity SD © Mark LeonardMCV Evolution © David McKay

Thanks to Jay Houlden, Jack Marian, Mark Leonard, David McKay and Luke Vjsaka for providing photos.
© Copyright remains with the original photographers.