Top Times: Croydon Tramlink Challenge

Last updated: 06th November 2016

Current configuration from 10/12/2005 (39 stations)

PositionTime completedDateChallengers
0101:35:1509/01/2016Josh Ageros
0201:40:2318/02/2014Peter Smyth
0301:41:3329/05/2009Alistair Brown
0401:41:4030/12/2015Josh Ageros, Oliver Levine and Martin Hazel
0501:43:1517/07/2009Thomas Wood
0601:44:1817/07/2009Thomas Wood
0701:44:3430/08/2008Matthew Scrivin
0801:47:1318/02/2014Andi James
0901:48:2523/02/2010Jonny Lyon
1001:49:3525/07/2008Phil, Jamie & Ryan Brown
1101:50:3615/05/2016David Edwards
1201:52:0513/07/2009Thomas Wood
1301:52:3415/10/2016David Collison
1401:56:4205/09/2016Jeremy and Claire Moore
1501:58:3618/06/2015Nick Gardner
1602:04:3025/04/2015Josh & Harry Ageros, Iwan Jenkins
1702:06:0018/02/2014Kevin Brown
1802:07:5213/07/2009Thomas Wood

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