Top Times: Park Challenge

Last updated: 12th January 2017

Stations to be visited:

Belsize Park, Canons Park, Chiswick Park, Elm Park, Finsbury Park, Green Park, Holland Park, Hyde Park Corner, Kilburn Park, Moor Park, Newbury Park, Northwick Park, Park Royal, Queen's Park, Ravenscourt Park, Regent's Park, St. James's Park, Stonebridge Park, Tufnell Park, Upton Park, Wembley Park, Westbourne Park, Wimbledon Park, Woodside Park.

Top Times leaderboard:

PositionTime completedDateChallengersStarted at
0107:16:2117/12/2016Hugo MarrowPark Royal
0207:18:3817/12/2016Martin HazelPark Royal
0307:19:0417/12/2016Andrew ChilcraftPark Royal
0407:19:5823/12/2011Andi JamesMoor Park
0507:25:0721/12/2007Kevin & Jamie BrownWoodside Park
0607:25:4019/12/2015Steve WilsonTufnell Park
0707:32:1319/12/2015Hugo MarrowTufnell Park
0807:32:3017/12/2016Kevin Brown and Damian CookPark Royal
0907:38:2721/12/2010Steve WilsonNewbury Park
1007:39:3817/12/2016James RossPark Royal
1107:40:2717/12/2016David EdwardsPark Royal
1207:41:2421/12/2013Kevin BrownCanons Park
1307:41:2621/12/2013Steve WilsonCanons Park
1407:41:3121/12/2013Peter SmythCanons Park
1507:42:1621/12/2013Andi JamesCanons Park
1607:42:4821/12/2013Andrew ChilcraftCanons Park
1707:44:3119/12/2015Peter SmythTufnell Park
1807:46:1413/12/2014Andi JamesBelsize Park
1907:46:5430/12/2009Peter SmythElm Park
2007:47:0531/12/2012Kevin Brown and Steven KarahanWimbledon Park
2107:47:5519/12/2015James RossTufnell Park
2207:48:3530/12/2009Kevin Brown, Steven Karahan and Matt NunnElm Park
2307:50:0831/12/2012Andrew ChilcraftWimbledon Park
2407:50:2313/12/2014Peter SmythBelsize Park
2507:58:1213/12/2014Kevin Brown and Damian CookBelsize Park
2607:59:2031/12/2012Peter SmythWimbledon Park
2707:59:2121/12/2010Kevin BrownNewbury Park
2808:00:4219/12/2015Andrew Chilcraft, Kevin Brown and Damian CookTufnell Park
2908:03:0719/12/2015Andi JamesTufnell Park
3008:03:5913/12/2014Hugo MarrowBelsize Park
3108:08:3620/12/2006Ric BrackenburyCanons Park
3208:14:0030/12/2009Martin HazelElm Park
3308:23:4821/12/2013Martin HazelCanons Park
3408:25:0131/12/2012Martin HazelWimbledon Park
3508:25:5021/12/2013Andrew BakerUpton Park
3608:35:0317/12/2016ElsiePark Royal
3708:35:5317/12/2016Richard StandingPark Royal
3808:38:0121/12/2007John Stark and Ric BrackenburyWoodside Park
3908:39:3130/12/2009Thomas WoodElm Park
4008:47:1930/12/2009Oliver & Mark LewisohnElm Park
4108:49:2613/12/2014Martin HazelBelsize Park
4208:50:2021/12/2010Philip BrownNewbury Park
4308:51:3330/12/2009Hassan ChaganiElm Park
4408:53:5219/12/2015Andrew BakerTufnell Park
4509:02:1613/12/2014Nick GardnerBelsize Park
4609:10:4131/12/2012Myles Swaine-Gray and Iain MacNaughtonWimbledon Park
4709:17:4721/12/2010Martin HazelNewbury Park
4809:43:1020/12/2006John Stark, Kevin & Jamie BrownWimbledon Park

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