Top Times: Alphabet Challenge

Last updated: 06th November 2016

Top Times: Leaderboard

PositionTime completedDateChallengers
0104:51:5905/07/2014Peter Smyth and Andrew Chilcraft
0205:00:4428/06/2005Evan Thorn and Dave Salvo
0305:01:2201/06/2007Kevin, Phil & Jamie Brown
0405:03:4508/06/2016David Edwards
0505:14:2024/06/2014Tom Cooling
0605:20:2502/10/2004Steven Karahan and Samuel Robinson
0705:21:2129/10/2016Michael Churchill
0805:25:3801/06/2007Jonny Lyon
0905:37:2530/05/2005Jonathan Amery
1005:56:0021/08/2004David Scard and Tara Exell

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